We are coaches, therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, interior home designers, spiritual counselors, energy healers, and so much more.
As a community of like-minded professional women, each skilled in our own specialties, we are passionately aligned around the belief that it is your birthright to live a deeply rich and rewarding life. We stand ready to support your full-flourishing at work, at home, and within.

Meet the Women of the Collective

ayesha jafri

Integrative Medicine


Therapy & Reiki


Home Beautification

colleen oliva

Resume & Career

christa mobley

Home Organizing

ayfer jafri

Career & Personal Brand

darlena dench

Jungian Hypnotherapy

emily grandinetta

Leadership & Assessments

lindsay conn

Life & Career

joan ridsdel

Body Confidence

jacinta elder

Integrative Health

jordana carmel

Yoga & Nutrition

evelyne steward

Career & Well-Being

kim hughes

ADHD & Talk Yoga™

kendra prescott

Therapy & Leadership

lindsay conn

Life & Career

lisa krull

Career & Leadership

mary patsel

Budget & Finance

mary trotter

Myofascial Release

megan sanchez

Integrative Health

michelle reynolds

Yoga & Massage

nikkee porcaro

Education & Test Prep

rachel raba

Clean Beauty & Aromatherapy

rachel henderson

Relationship & Life


Academic Tutoring

vicki clary

Marketing & Design

tamara s. raymond

Leadership & Youth

samina moiduddin


Celia Samater

Life and Wellness

Chichio B. Hand



Organization & Productivity

Meet Our Newest Providers

Thrive in a Career Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Flourish in a Life Expressive of Inner-Beautiful You.

Our wishes for you...

Luxuriate in a Home Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Claim Your Birthright to Live a Deeply Rich, Rewarding Life.

Our wishes for you...

Bask in an Inner-Life Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Flourish! At Work. At Home. Within.

Our wishes for you...

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