I coach clients to fall in love with their lives, discover and re-discover their passions and joy, live purposefully, and be healthy and happy.

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I am a certified health and well-being coach and am a highly experienced career advisor. I serve as a Commissioner for the Maryland Commission for Women, a governor-appointed, four year role.

My Journey
I recently retired from Discovery Communications, the world’s #1 media and entertainment company, after serving 19 years as Vice President of Global Human Resources LifeWorks, Inclusion and Wellness. In my role, I led the charge to create a healthy, balanced and inclusive workplace resulting in Discovery being recognized globally as a great place to work. Prior to joining Discovery, I served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for the Calvert Group.

Over the course of my career as a human resources executive, have designed and launched numerous programs around the world focused on well-being, work and family, agile working, community outreach and diversity and inclusion. I managed a team to launch five corporate medical and wellness clinics providing full primary medical care offerings, mental health and well-being coaching. I also designed and opened the doors to a state of the art on-site childcare center. Under my leadership, diverse employee resource groups were launched globally along with cultural awareness and inclusion initiatives.

My Coaching Background and Experience
I am trained and certified as a health and well-being coach by Wellcoaches®, an endorsed member of the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaching. Throughout my career I have served as a coach and advisor, supporting employees to reach their full potential, and facilitating solutions to work/life balance challenges, designing career journeys and overcoming health and wellness issues. I have always placed the well-being and success of employees at the center of my work and have dedicated myself to helping employers build healthy and balanced workplaces.

My Coaching Approach
My management experience has helped me create a coaching foundation of caring and trust. I partner with clients to energize and empower them to achieve a higher level of wellbeing and performance in life and work. By encouraging self-discovery, I help them connect the dots between who they are today and who they want to be. Together we determine the incremental behavior steps that will enable them to succeed in achieving their desired changes to become their best self. I respect the uniqueness of every human being and believe in a customized approach for each client.

My Coaching Commitment and Passion
I coach clients to fall in love with their lives, discover or re-discover their passions and joy, live purposefully, and be healthy and happy. Together we develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect which enables the clients to imagine the future and achieve their dreams.

I am particularly passionate about supporting women in transition find their new purpose and joy and achieve their full potential, both professionally, as well as personally.

My Consulting Practice
In addition to providing individual coaching services, I am also dedicated to helping employers build extraordinary workplaces that support inclusion, wellness, flexibility and work/life balance. I bring over 35 years of leadership experience in human resources, strategy development and program design in the financial services and entertainment industries. My areas of expertise focus on diversity and inclusion, wellness, work/life and agile working. In short, I help employers become recognized great places to work, resulting in strong employee engagement, lower turnover and top talent attraction.

My Accomplishments
The companies that I have worked for have been recognized nationally for their excellence in the workplace. Specifically, Discovery Communications was named Top 100 best place to work for Working Mothers, Fortune Magazine Great Places to work and the #1 Best Company for women and people of color in Cable and Telecommunications, to name a few.

Over the course of my career, I have served on numerous boards and advisory groups and have been fortunate to be recognized for my leadership and work in support of women’s advancement, community involvement and workplace excellence. I recently received the Women in Cable and Telecommunications Leadership Award. In 2019, I was appointed by the Governor to serve a 4 year term as Maryland Commissioner for Women.

About Evelyne

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