We are life, career and leadership coaches; therapists, nutritionists and yoga teachers; interior home designers, spiritual counselors, and energy healers unified by the belief that it is Everyone's Birthright to Live a Deeply Rich, Rewarding Life. We are individually and collectively dedicated to help you claim that right. Meet us!

Who we are 

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The Wellspring Women’s Collective serves as a pass-through clearinghouse where you can peruse a vast array of life-enhancing services and identify those that meet your yearnings and needs, whether it be for your career, your home or your personal well-being and development.

Each service description includes a link to the corresponding providers, along with their contact information, so you can determine who may be the best fit for you.
And then, the rest is up to you…

You can simply reach out to them to connect outside of this website and decide how you want to move forward from there.

How it works

Paying Kindness Forward

At Work: Career coaching, strengths and behavioral assessments, professional development workshops, and meditations.

At Home: DIY interior decorating services, home beautification and organization coaching, healthy home tips, and meditations.

Within: Life coaching, talk therapy, holistic health coaching, healing therapies and modalities like acupuncture, Reiki and massage, yoga, inner-life compass workshops, self-coaching courses, and meditations.

Inner Beauty Boutique: Artistry and products to further support you in designing and decorating a life reflective of you, as well as complimentary Inner Beauty gifts from us to you.

We believe in paying kindness forward. As a social entrepreneurship, a scholarship fund is available to our global women and girl visitors. And, in the same spirit, there is absolutely no cost or money exchange involved with The Wellspring Women’s Collective website. The professional providers in our network are listed here free-of-charge. And we joyously invite you to experience our meditations and other complimentary gifts found in our Boutique


The Wellspring Women's Collective is proud to be an accredited business with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have an A+ rating. BBB is a private, nonprofit company that offers accreditation to businesses that meet a standard of trustworthiness and quality. 

The views, thoughts, advice and opinions expressed, and services provided, by practitioners, coaches, consultants and other individual service providers on The Wellspring website belong solely to the practitioners, coaches, consultants and individual service providers and are not formally or legally endorsed by The Wellspring, LLC.

Thrive in a Career Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Flourish in a Life Expressive of Inner-Beautiful You.

Our wishes for you...

Luxuriate in a Home Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Claim Your Birthright to Live a Deeply Rich, Rewarding Life.

Our wishes for you...

Bask in an Inner-Life Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Flourish! At Work. At Home. Within.

Our wishes for you...