Co-create a life and world reflective of your own true voice and be heard. Because you do YOU best!

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Virtual Only Services
• Birkman Coaching and Assessment 
• Career Coaching
• Career Exploration Workshop
• Essence and Relationship Coaching
• Professional Brand Coaching and Workshop
• Resume and LinkedIn Profile Coaching
• The Power of Essence™ Course
• You on Social Media Workshop (for girls)

Olney, MD

Career & Personal Brand


It’s up to each of us to recognize, embrace and celebrate the unique gifts we bring. Yet usually these gifts come so naturally to us, we may not even realize their immense value—to ourselves, others and the world!

I am all too familiar with this reality: As a certified coach, I have spent the last 16+ years working with individuals to really appreciate the inspired contribution they are by offering a compassionate approach to their lives, work and relationships. Simply put, I partner with inspired adults and youth across the US and around the world to flourish… at work, at home and within. Through our empowering, supportive collaboration, clients find that they:
◦ positively and powerfully connect with their strengths, passions and talents;
◦ embrace and celebrate their value and worth;
◦ discover their unique voice; and
◦ be inspired contribution in their most optimal way.

The Benefits
Through our coaching engagements, you can step into a positively charged, self-compassionate, kindness-connected, wellness-inspired life. Once you begin to see and celebrate your gifts, you can reframe with a truthful, positive perspective about yourself. When you finally hear the melody of your own true voice, it affords you the joy and freedom to be that inspired contribution you wish to be in life and to the world. This concept holds true whether it applies to your career journey, family life and/or business endeavors. After all, YOU do you best!

How I Coach
I offer my confidential, virtual coaching sessions, in a safe, positive, upbeat and engaging environment, with my full investment in your success. I offer a range of coaching options, from 6-week coaching programs, to pay-by-the-minute coaching for those needing brief accountability check-ins. Coaching focuses include Career Branding-Resume Creation; Self-Employed Business-Branding; Career Exploration; Relationship Enhancement; Essence Awareness; and Birkman Coaching. For complete details, please free to contact me directly or visit my website.

My Philosophy and Approach
My passion for coaching centers on serving with integrity as a collaborative partner to validate; offer valuable perspective; open up vision; and champion individuals on to success. I believe in the immense necessity for every individual to truly recognize and feel good about the power of their unique gifts and talents; and understand their value at work, in business, within their own lives and in the world; and take that robust self-knowledge to avidly participate in—and contribute—to the world in ways best for them.

My combined Essence and Birkman approach offers invaluable insight that speaks to living compassionately “inwardly out”: 1) It illuminates an accurate, empirical understanding of ourselves first -- who we are, our unique innate qualities, inherent needs, strengths, what motivates us, and yes, even our relationship and environmental stressors. 2) Then, from that enriched space, it informs how best to advance life decisions and relationships with others in the most empathetic and compassionate way.

Everyone has a story to tell for the life they choose to create. Whatever yours may be, may it be filled with light, love, kindness and compassion for yourself and others. And may YOU recognize the beauty and inspired contribution you are in this world.

About Ayfer

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
My process begins with a complimentary 15-20 minute meet-and-greet consultation by phone to determine if we are a good fit for each other, based on your current goals and needs; and my process and approach. After we speak, I will follow up with a “next steps” email if you are ready to partner with me on your coaching engagement. We will also set up your initial coaching session in that timeframe. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone to schedule your phone consultation whenever you feel ready.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I am a social entrepreneur and self-employed businesswoman with 18+ years of experience. In addition to my coaching work at Ayefaire, I currently serve as Brand Director & Content Strategist for Innovative Management Consulting. My coaching credentials include a double certification in both The Birkman Method® and Essence Coaching. I completed Compassion Cultivation Training from The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education – CCARE at Stanford University—a program with its roots in neuroscience and neurobiology. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from University of Maryland - College Park.

In early 2018, I joined Lindsay Conn as Co-Creator of The Wellspring Women’s Collective to build and launch this unique global network of women providers, helping women & girls flourish at work, at home, and within. Together with Lindsay, we are also Co-Founders of Essence Coaching and Co-Facilitators of The Power of Essence Course. I also serve as Compassion Advocate for 30SecondsToUnity, our global movement for shared hope & compassion.

My work history includes work with/for such notable organizations as: Discovery Communications, Discovery Networks, Unity Productions Foundation, The National Alliance for Workplace Excellence, Capital Integrative Health, Verizon, TerpSys, Simon & Schuster, National Press Books, Morgan James Publishing and PBS.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I am grateful to have worked with so many amazing adults, business owners, young professionals and teens who continue to inspire and awe me with the depths, light and fullness of their talents, innate qualities and unique personas -- and how brightly and bravely they learn to shine. My clients represent a diverse array of professions and backgrounds, including: Authors/novelists; real estate; education; engineering; federal/state government; full-time parents and homemakers; graduate and doctorate students; healthcare (including holistic and integrative); human resources; investment banking and finance; interior design; IT; legal; life, executive and leadership coaches; marketing; medical residents; pharmaceutical; PR/communications; project management; publishing; recruiting; retail; and sales, among others.

What to expect


"One of the very most valuable gifts from our sessions is how you’ve helped me to become aware of how much I’ve grown over the years, in terms of my self-development, which I often I forget. It’s helped me tremendously in understanding the value of taking time to reflect on how much I’ve achieved, when it’s easy to get into the pattern of only looking ahead." - Nadia K.

"I am very thankful for her open and honest dialogue and commitment towards ensuring my satisfaction with the assessment, our sessions, and the results. Ayfer is such a beautiful soul. She turned out to be an amazing professional resource. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her.” - Tan M.

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