I create conditions for lasting insight harnessed through reflection and my support as a skilled facilitator.

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Coatesville, PA

Therapy & Leadership


I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) supporting the growth, development, and healing of others while specializing in experiential modalities. These include equine-facilitated therapy and coaching and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Experiential growth and learning uses a an actual experience to uncover or learn something new, supports reflection on that experience, and initiates the transfer of these new insights to real life at home or in the workplace. I focus on meeting each person where they are and trust the innate wisdom within us all to help guide the unique and shared journey of this life. My work is trauma-informed and grounded in mindfulness, somatic, system-based, and eco-psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Theory and integrative nutrition. Our experiences significantly shape our life and with this understanding we are more able to honor where we are in the moment and provide gentleness to our intention for reaching our goals.

Neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and proven principles of psychology will guide and support our journey together. I know that life can be redefined when difficulty and discomfort are used for change, where our challenges lead to transformation and opportunity.

Primal Counsel is my private practice where I see individuals and groups for therapy and psychological education. As co-founder of Lead Horse Leadership Development and Associate Consultant with Weiman Consulting, I serve corporate and private clients with leadership development and coaching. And, I reside as faculty with EQUUS offering the exclusive and award winning EQUUS Experience®, an equine-facilitated coaching program.

I have worked with at-risk youth and adolescents, adults recovering from addiction, families seeking connection, individuals wanting to increase their quality of life and leaders striving to better themselves. No matter the audience, I support others to lead a life of fulfillment and satisfaction, a life in service to personal values, and a life that is an honest expression and celebration of one’s self.

My services include traditional talk therapy, walk and talk coaching, equine and psychedelic therapy, custom curated individual workshop programs, and leadership and team development coaching workshops.

Partnering with horses is especially powerful as they are highly sensitive and finely tuned to each other and to their surroundings. This presence and awareness allow them to perceive an individual’s most authentic self. They respond not to what we are saying but to what we are really thinking and feeling, picking up on subtle clues in both our verbal and non-verbal communication. As a result, horses help us uncover our most deeply held intentions. They masterfully facilitate true insight, without judgement, into how individuals may take action to align with their intentions to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is proving to be a powerful and healing treatment for PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. Recent FDA-approved research shows 69% of individuals treated with 3 doses of MDMA no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis, including lifelong sufferers. As access to these medicines increase with FDA approval, I am positioned to help people not just alleviate symptoms but potentially heal from these currently very difficult to treat disorders.

I feel it is an honor to be in service to the pilgrimage of another.

About Kendra

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
I work side-by-side with clients to help identify their specific needs and desired outcomes. A process of exploration continues to define our work together as I provide deep listening, skilled reflection, and expertise when warranted to gain insight and develop clear action steps towards solutions.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I have a Master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania and am licensed as a professional counselor. I am a certified facilitator with Siemens Learning Campus, have over a decade of training and certifications in equine-assisted work, and am trained as a psychedelic-assisted therapist.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I have worked with a broad range of ages and situations. I readily support those that need strong support for very difficult circumstances with clinical expertise as a licensed professional counselor and, also, find much gratification in assisting individuals and groups who are actively seeking to rise to the next level and sink more deeply into their personal or professional life. 

What to expect


“Kendra's experience in therapy brought in valuable elements to the learning process… She enabled participation through thought provoking dialogues and anecdotes. I would love for others to benefit from her knowledge and teaching abilities.” - Siemens Leadership Development Program Participant

“She is extremely experienced and a leader in her field.” - Siemens Leadership Development Program Participant

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