It has been the honor of my life to be the vehicle through which Reiki Life Force energy passes into my clients, to share their healing journey, to see them grow into the people they were meant to.

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I am a Reiki Master of Masters with 17 years of expertise in two areas: 1) I practice Reiki to facilitate healing and growth; and 2) I train practitioners in the use of Reiki for self and others. My current practice, as well as how Reiki came to me, is significantly influenced by previous career experiences.

My Background
I first had a career in scientific research followed by a second career as a regulator of pharmaceuticals with the FDA. I also have over 30 years of experience practicing Jungian-oriented psychotherapy as a clinical social worker. I worked with adults, teens and couples for recovery from trauma, relationship difficulties and life transitions.

My career experience has been a unique combination of thinking with both sides of my brain. This balance has allowed me early in my career to be disciplined about having proof behind anything labeled a fact with my left brain. While my right brain understands our connections with the personal unconscious mind and what Jung called the “transpersonal universal consciousness.” This duality recognizes the benefits of spiritual, psychological and physical healing of an individual coupled with their development into the person they were meant to be.

Jungian-Oriented Psychotherapy
I call what I do Jungian-oriented psychotherapy, or “parts work” for short, as in putting the parts back together to restore the whole. In Carl Jung’s vision, we come into this world with a whole psyche but quickly have to repress many parts of it because powerful forces in our lives. For example, parents won’t tolerate those parts. We also experience traumas that have to be hidden in the unconscious mind because we were too young to process them at the time. At some point in our lives the drive to reunite with these banished parts and to heal from trauma becomes so strong that we begin what Jung called the individuation process. The reunion of the banished parts with the conscious mind is achieved by connection with the guidance of internal elements in our individual unconscious minds, as well as the transpersonal universal consciousness. The ultimate goal, individuation, is to regain our wholeness and become the person we were meant to be.

Bioenergetic Healing Techniques
I also had over 10 years’ experience with various other bioenergetic healing techniques before practicing Reiki. Early on in my “parts work” psychotherapy practice, I began to study bioenergetic healing through classes and intensive workshops and found it very helpful for these purposes. I found that experiential techniques were a great adjunct to talking psychotherapy, particularly to access guidance from the unconscious mind and universal consciousness quickly.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a bioenergetic healing therapy. All bioenergetic therapies clear blockages and imbalances in energy flow to promote physical and emotional health and spiritual connection. It is important to human well-being that energy on all levels flows freely.

Reiki is a safe, simple technique that promotes well-being on all levels. It is effective in stress-reduction and promotion of relaxation, in improving health and enhancing the quality of life. It can be used in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery and reduce side effects. Reiki can also be used in psychotherapy to access repressed psychological trauma held in the body, to facilitate emotional release and to heal trauma wounds.

How Reiki Came to Me . . .
I received a notice in 2005 that the University of Maryland School of Social Work was offering two classes in Reiki (I and II) that would satisfy continuing education requirements for clinical social workers. When I walked into the classroom, I felt a welcoming energy that I had never felt before in a classroom and that was just the start. I was born an introvert and do not generally sit on the front row or volunteer in classes. So I was surprised to find myself on the front row raising my hand when the teacher (Libby Barnett) started the class by asking if anyone wanted to receive Reiki from her while she was lecturing. She chose me, and the energy I experienced was beyond anything I had experienced before. The classes ended up being one incredible experience after another—and I was blown away by the energy I felt after the Reiki I and II classes! It was then that I made a commitment to practice Reiki for myself and others for the rest of my life!

I proceeded to apply for the Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher classes, receiving those degrees in 2006. After a year of teaching Reiki I and II, I received my Master of Masters degree in 2007.

About Anita

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
For individual Reiki treatments (in person or virtual by phone or video), I gather general background information from you at the initial intake session. The intake includes your expectations of Reiki. I also answer any questions that you may have about Reiki. Next, we discuss what you wish to target for Reiki treatment in the current session. For subsequent sessions, we begin by discussing any reactions to the last session as well as targets for the current session.

During treatment, the client lies on a massage table fully clothed listening to relaxing music with the lights dimmed. It is important for both client and practitioner to remain relatively silent in order to receive healing and guidance from the personal unconscious and the universal life force Reiki energy. During the session, I perform a Reiki protocol consisting of a set series of hand placements on or above the body. I also provide additional attention to parts of the body targeted for Reiki energy. After the session, the client and I discuss what we each experienced during the session. We then formulate a plan for enhancing the effects of Reiki between sessions.

For virtual sessions, the client creates a private space where the body can be completely relaxed for the Reiki treatment. I perform the Reiki protocols using a large rag doll or stuffed bear as a substitute for the person.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I hold an MS Zoology (Genetics); PhD Microbiology (Molecular Biology); and MSW Clinical Social Work (Psychotherapy). For Bioenergetic Healing Techniques, I have worked with the following experts: Rosalyn Bruyere, internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant & medicine woman; Helen Yamada, clairvoyant and clairaudient healer; Aminah Raheem, founder of Soul Lightening Acupressure; Richard Pavek, SHEN Therapy; and Mietek Wirkus, Bioenergy.

My Reiki training includes the following levels: Reiki I and II; Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher. I also have received the Reiki Master of Masters degree, trained by Reiki Master of Masters Libby Barnett whose Reiki lineage includes 4 steps from Dr.Usui for Reiki I and 5 steps from Dr.Usui for Reiki Master.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I have worked with teenagers and adults of all ages and socioeconomic classes with diverse life styles, occupations, talents, spiritual beliefs and political positions. Reiki works on many different levels and can be utilized for purely physical problems or complex psychological or spiritual issues.

What to expect


"I have worked with Anita over the past many years and would recommend her to anyone. When I first met Anita I was in a desperate place. After just one Reiki session with her a back issue that I had for years was finally healed.” - Lindsay C.

"Anita Bigger is an accomplished Reiki practitioner. Her years of Reiki experience have anchored her in this gentle mind-body healing modality. Reiki sessions are enriched by Anita's training as a psychotherapist as well as her intuitive wisdom. I highly recommend her. She is superb." - Libby B.

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