Whether as teacher or tutor, my goal is to get to the root of the problem or obstacle that may be impeding a student’s academic success.

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Gaithersburg, MD

Academic Tutoring


When I was nine years old, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It’s my passion, my hobby, my absolute joy. Teaching is not just a job for me—it is my fulfillment.

I have over 26 years of experience in special education and am skilled at discovering a student’s obstacles in order to find a way toward successful learning.

My Philosophy and Approach
In the classroom, I am a professional who wants to effectively teach and will do what it takes to make it happen. Likewise, I apply that same zeal to my tutoring practice. I customize my tutoring based on the issues we have identified, and the solutions we are seeking. Opting for a flexible and adaptable approach, I look to match my style with each student to meet success.

Whether as teacher or tutor, my goal is to get to the root of the problem or obstacle that may be impeding a student’s academic success. I begin with creating a safe and trusting space that allows me to connect with the student and have a candid conversation that allows me to understand where they feel they are they struggling. Typically, it is academic, social, emotional or even technology related.

When working with a student, I take a whole family approach, as I have found that often when parents get involved in the process it better supports the student’s ability to ultimately succeed.

My Services
I offer comprehensive tutoring services for whatever the student’s needs are. Specifically, I provide reading and writing assistance for elementary-aged children, as well as arithmetic help in both decoding and comprehension. I also provide middle- and high-schoolers, aged 11 to 18, with tutoring assistance. Subject areas include anything from English, math (Algebra 1 and 2, pre-calculus and calculus), physical science (biology and chemistry), geometry, writing, organization and self-management.

To sum it up best: If I were a superhero, I would be Batman. The reason is that I would use my detective skills to figure out what the problem is, and my utility belt to solve the problem. And great news, I’m not very scary!

About Romella

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
I provide remote online tutoring that begins with a consultation call. The consult can run from 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the individualized education plan, or IEP. Typically, a parent or child comes to me with a need, then we discuss the problem. It is absolutely key for me to thoroughly understand the student’s needs, and for them to understand my teaching style. We then come up with an individualized plan, including scheduling (i.e., how many hours a week and on what days), as well as pricing.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I am a school teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Minor in Mathematics and a Master’s in Special Education. I have a 26-year tenure teaching special education in middle and high schools within Montgomery County, Maryland. I also have six years teaching experience at The Lab School in Washington, DC.

Subjects I have taught include: high school English, biology and chemistry; and middle school English, math, reading and physical science, to name a few. I am also familiar with the Montgomery County Public School curriculum, including English, math, science and Common Core.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I work with children aged 11 to 18 in middle and high school across the US. They attend private and public schools, including chartered and homeschool education, in states that have included Maryland, DC, Virginia, Georgia, Washington, California and Connecticut. I also work with elementary aged children in reading and writing, as well as arithmetic in both decoding and comprehension.

What to expect

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