A fulfilling life is built on relationships that thrive.

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Annapolis, MD

Relationship and Life


I am a life coach specializing in relational wellness based out of Annapolis, MD. I help women of all ages find fulfillment through authentic, empowering relationships in the workplace and in life. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation.

I received my MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and BA in Communications from Xavier University. I am passionate about combining my training in these areas to help clients uncover a deep sense of self and become confident communicators in both their personal and professional relationships.

I am also a devoted blogger who enjoys writing openly and honestly about my experience living as an imperfect person in the world.

About Rachel

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
I start with a free 60-minute session so that I can learn more about the client and their goals and the client can get a sense of who I am as a coach and what coaching with me is like. From there, we’ll work together to develop a set of specific goals to work toward throughout the program. I also do an in-depth Discovery session at the beginning of the program where we dive deep into the client’s personal values, life purpose, and get in touch with some of their most powerful inner resources.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Co-Active Training Institute and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I earned my MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and my BA in Communications from Xavier University. Previously, I’ve worked as an organizational consultant helping companies develop, understand and implement affirmative action plans and non-discrimination initiatives.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I have worked with adults of all ages from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professions. All of my clients share a desire for deep self-discovery and for learning to improve the way they relate to themselves and the world around them.

What to expect


“After working with Rachel, I truly feel that I’ve become the best version of myself and things are only going to get better from here. I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and my attitude has really changed for the better. I highly recommend Rachel as a coach!” - Kristin H.

“Coaching has helped me to be more direct with people I work with and in my personal relationships as well. It has amazed me to see this new person emerge and has been so exciting at the same time! I have absolutely loved the coaching experience! I am a very private person so I was unsure if I would be able to be open enough to benefit, but I truly felt comfortable with Rachel from the first time we spoke.” - Angie, M.

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