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• Move Management
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Home Organizing


My Personal Philosophy
I feel deeply connected to the positive energy of the Universe. For me this must be a daily practice, so I wake up very early, meditate, appreciate and focus on all the good things in my life today, and to come. I try to bring that peace and optimism into every area of my life, so that I can share that with the people around me both personally and professionally. People tell me that my energy is very peaceful, and I strive to be the voice of reason and island of calm in the middle of sometimes chaotic places and circumstances.

My Style and Approach as a Professional Organizer
I am not the pushy “you should get rid of that” type of organizer, nor am I the type of person who would tell you those pants are flattering when indeed, they are not. I’m more like your “nice sister who totally supports you but also speaks her mind” kind of person. My job is to help you transform the space around you so that you can be your best self when you are in that space. What that means and what that looks like is unique to each person, and it is my sacred mission to figure what that is and how to get there, then motivate and empower you to make it happen. My team may do most or all of the physical organizing work ourselves, but in the end the victory is always yours.

What I’m Like to Work with
Well of course I am very organized, lol! I always have a little checklist ready to go and a plan for every work session, always keeping an eye on the big picture of the goal we are trying to accomplish. I break all of that down into small bites and feed that to my clients a little at a time. I don’t say, “We’re going to go through 20 boxes of paper today!” Instead I say, “here’s one pile of paper we are going to sort through together” and when we’re done I’ll see how you are feeling and maybe we’ll switch to sorting through clothes or books for a while if necessary.

We’ll talk, play music, share stories, and most importantly LAUGH through the process so it’s not a tedious pile of tasks, it’s actually tearing down some walls that have been penning you in, setting you free to accomplish great things! Decluttering and organizing is not about getting rid of stuff, it’s about honoring the things you really love and creating sacred spaces for them. It’s about evolution, transformation and an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Every space feels better when we are done with it.

What my company, InnerLift Organizing, has to offer
Our company focuses on several different areas. We do on-site Decluttering and Organizing Projects in homes and businesses. We have a Virtual Organizing and Coaching Program, where we can help anyone anywhere in the world to finally get things done and reclaim their space. We also provide complete Move Management services. And finally we manage total House Clean-Outs, where the person has moved out and everything needs to go so the house can be sold.  

About Christa

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
First, I always do a free assessment, at the client’s home or virtually using videoconferencing. I need to know, what is overwhelming and stressing out the client and why? What do they hope to achieve by working with me? Then I need to know the details of the current situation, the client’s timeline and resources (like who else might be able to help as well, etc.) and what they have tried in the past that hasn’t worked. Then, I suggest a plan of action with details about a timeline and cost.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I have been doing this for over 25 years in an Industry which has only been around since 1984. So I have years of practical experience out in the field doing what I love. Second, I am an active member of NAPO (the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) and we have a daily discussion about the latest organizing shows, books, trends and products.

I look at this chat every single morning and follow-up with what I learn so I can always have new tricks and techniques for my clients. Also, NAPO offers tons of educational classes, seminars, conferences and opportunities for learning and I love all of that. Third, I am a part of a small Mastermind group of Professional Organizers who meet regularly to share ideas, trouble-shoot problems and help each other grow our businesses and constantly improve our services.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I have worked with every kind of person. From frazzled hoarders to people who have “got it all together” but just need a little help and I’ve also worked with every type of person in between those two extremes. I have helped people just clean out one closet and helped others declutter entire estates, schools, churches, businesses, retail stores and even a Haunted Forest! (Yes it was scary!) I have worked with disabled people, busy families, teenagers, senior citizens, and also coordinated big teams of people in decluttering and organizing multiple spaces at a time.

What to expect


"Thank you again, Christa. My parents could not have done this without you and it has been particularly comforting to my brother and I during this time when we could not easily visit to help." - S.C.

“We hired Christa and her team to help us reorganize our closets and home and are looking forward to reaping the rewards of this increased organization. 5 stars all around." - B.A.

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