It is an honor to witness you stepping into your power with confidence.

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Body Confidence


Hello Lovely Soul! I am the owner and creator of W.I.S.E.R Woman Coaching and Personal Development. As a food freedom and body confidence coach, my passion and mission is to help women create a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. is to help you become the woman you've always wanted to be by creating a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

As a woman who has transformed her own relationship with food and her body, I help you end the constant struggle with emotional eating and the war between food and your feelings. Through our work together, you find a deeper meaning in life, step into your power, and release the weight (emotional, spiritual, and often physical) that no longer serves you. Reconnecting with your body's natural wisdom and your intuition allows you to value and care for your powerful and amazing body wholeheartedly and with ease.

My Certification and Training as a Coach
I was trained and practiced as a social worker before certifying as a professional life coach through Erickson Coaching International, a highly regarded ICF-recognized coaches training organization and as a Soul Fed Woman Coach.

While I focus on coaching in my practice, I can’t help but tap into the counseling toolbox I’ve gathered along the way. As a trauma-informed life coach, I guide you to make the changes you desire so that you can live the life you crave.

It is a privilege to walk beside you on your journey to creating peace and freedom around food and your body. It is an honor to witness you stepping into your power with confidence.

My Coaching Philosophy
From the wisdom of those who’ve gone before me, from the wise women I’ve worked with, and from my own journey, here’s what I’ve learned:

◦ Total healing from emotional eating and a disordered relationship with food and your body is possible.
◦ My role is to help you reconnect with and strengthen the deepest part of you where your inner wisdom and intuition live.
◦ Your journey includes discovering who you are without disordered eating.
◦ Healing takes time and requires patience, persistence and support.
◦ It takes courage to let go of what has supported, protected and served an important purpose in your life.
◦ Your journey will be unique to you.
◦ Weight, size and shape have nothing to do with who you are.

My Coaching Practice
My clients are women who’ve often spent years or decades feeling out of control around food and disliking their bodies but know that going on another diet won’t solve the problem and more hours in the gym won’t fix how they feel. They’re exhausted from dieting and long for a peaceful relationship with food and the freedom to feel comfortable in their bodies. They’re ready to resolve emotional eating, stop bingeing, dissolve their addiction to food and value (maybe even love) their amazing bodies, regardless of shape, size and weight. Please note: If you have an active eating disorder or require mental health support, I'm happy to refer you to an appropriate service provider or program.

Individual Coaching
My food and body empowerment coaching is a powerful individual 3 month program in which we get to work closely together to help you untangle your relationship with food and your body, including to resolve underlying stress, anxiety, inner child concerns and trauma issues so often found with food and body issues. This safe container includes 3 sessions per month with a week to process and review, unlimited email, text, or messenger support (Monday to Friday during office hours), and specialized homework designed for you.

Group Coaching
Self-Love for the WISER Woman Intensive is a 6-week program for the woman who prefers support and connection in a small group of like-minded women. Each module is designed to address the fundamental issues of emotional eating and body dissatisfaction so they can create a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies, become confident, and step into their power, fully and completely.

Small Group EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Support Circles
These four-week Emotional Eating and Body Confidence Support Circles are designed to help 8-12 women begin the journey to stop emotional eating and become more confident in their bodies. Meeting once per week via zoom, this small group setting allows us to learn EFT (& other techniques) and use it to dissolve food cravings, manage stress & anxiety, and slow down to enjoy food and our bodies in a completely different way.

About Joan

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
The first step is to have a Discovery conversation (complimentary) to determine whether we’re a good match, to discuss your goals, what you’d like to accomplish during coaching and which program is right for you. My Food and Body Empowerment Coaching program is available immediately (or you'll be put on a waitlist). The group programs are offered at varying times during the year with dates/times posted on my website as they are offered.  

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
As a registered social worker, professional life coach - Erickson Coaching International (ICF Accredited), a Soul Fed Woman Coach, I offer both individual and small group coaching using NLP, EFT, Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, and other modalities, tools and techniques from years of counseling and coaching.  

What types of clients have I worked with?
The amazing women I’ve worked with include those who are 30+ years of age and come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. They include coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, senior leaders, writers, retirees, retirees, and adult students. 

Please don't hesitate to connect with me if you'd like to wake up in the morning without obsessing about how many points or calories you can eat during the day because you didn't binge the night before, or if you'd like to be 100% in control of food instead of food controlling you. Wouldn't it feel amazing to be free from starting another diet on Monday?

I'd be honored to walk beside you as you change your relationship with food and your body and find the peace and freedom you deserve to have.

What to expect


"Joan has a special way of coaching women to be happy with their bodies and who they are…What she did for me in six weeks was help me shift a negative mindset that I have struggled with for most of my life, into a loving one that values who I am and what I can offer the world, no matter my size. Joan, in her own gentle way, empowered me to reflect on my past, analyze my present, and plan a future with kindness and intention.” - Tasneem

“The only word that can come close to describing my experience of Joan’s Self Love for the WISER Woman Intensive program is LIFE-CHANGING! Joan’s gentleness, availability, knowledge and the fact that she worked through this herself made her the ideal guide through my approximate 55 years of self-destructive weigh-hate jumble. I am on the other side now. Thank you Joan, for your expertise and caring soul!" - Carin

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