I’d love to meet you wherever you’re at in your journey and help you take your next step toward vibrant health!

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Rockville, MD

Clean Beauty & Aromatherapy


My Story in a Nutshell
My journey toward natural living started after my health rapidly deteriorated in 2014. Soon after, it became evident that my two-year old daughter also had significant medical issues. You can read our story of that time for more of the details.

Whole foods, plant-based supplements, essential oils, herbs, and other natural protocols quickly became an integral part of the strategies we implemented to detox our bodies, decrease our physical pain, improve our digestion, and support the restoration of our health. We also began learning the importance of finding effective substitutes for the toxin-filled personal care and cleaning products we had been using. Our bodies could not heal so long as we continued to bombard them with hormone disruptors, allergens, and carcinogens.

After years of research, trial and error, and additional education, my mess has become my message to share with other women. It is my hope that I can help prevent you from crashing like I did or support your healing journey if you’re already experiencing significant health challenges.

I help women all over the world better understand body burden; the realities of greenwashing; the ingredients in the products they use; and the impact toxins have on wellness. I also help them see how simple it is to exchange toxin-containing cosmetics, skincare, cleaning, and myriad other products for ones that nourish and support their bodies rather than destroying their health.

Why? Because no woman should have to exchange her health for her beauty or her beauty for her health. You truly can have it all… beautiful, high-performing products for every aspect of your life that are toxin-free!

In addition, I help my clients incorporate plant power (essential oils) into their lives to:
◦ Reduce stress and anxious feelings
◦ Combat negative feelings and promote positivity
◦ Strengthen the immune system
◦ Improve the appearance of skin
◦ Promote relaxation and sleep
◦ Improve digestive function
◦ Promote clear breathing
◦ Increase energy and focus
◦ Reduce muscle aches and soothe joints

The mission of Holistically Health Home is to empower women to thrive by finding tailored natural solutions to support health and wellness needs. I am passionate about the services I offer to help people decrease their body burden by ridding their homes of toxic beauty, personal care and cleaning products, and swapping them out with safer, healthier choices. Here are some options for joining me on this journey:

◦ Simplified Natural Living Community. Free Facebook community offering ingredient education, safe swaps for conventionally-used products, inspiration for healthier living, and access to my toxin-free master list of products across many categories.

◦ Toxin-Free Makeup & Skincare Consultation. Ready to detox your makeup and skincare routine? Let me help you identify which of your existing products are burdening your body and select high performing, toxin-free options as replacements. 30-minute session held virtually at no cost.

◦ Food Forest Design & Installation. Every home should have a perennial food forest! Increase your freedom, food security, nutritional intake, and care for the environment by turning part of your lawn into a low maintenance food forest! I would love to help you with a custom blueprint for your unique property, whether you have a tiny townhouse lawn or multiple acres. Then DIY install it yourself, or contract me or another professional installation team to plant it for you virtually anywhere you are in the world!

◦ Wellness Consultation. Come with questions and receive direction on how to best move forward on your health and wellness journey. 30-minute session held virtually at no cost.

◦ Aromatherapy Consultation. Discover the best essential oils to address your unique health needs and learn how to use them during this one-hour in-person or virtual session. Clients will receive a custom-made essential oil blend for their specific needs. Also includes a Zyto wellness scan if done in-person.

◦ Healthy Body, Healthy Home Intensives. Get personalized help (4, 6, or 8-hour in-person or virtual sessions) in identifying toxic cleaning, makeup, skincare, and/or other personal care products in your home and swapping them out for non-toxic ones. If desired, learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine; and how to make DIY cleaning, skincare or other personal care products.

Next Steps
If you have questions about how to practically implement a more natural lifestyle, please consider joining my free online wellness community, Simplified Natural Living, where I share education, tips, protocols, and recipes for healthier living. I look forward to connecting with you there!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with specific questions or for an individual consultation. Let me help you detox your makeup and skincare routine, learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life, or identify and remove toxin-containing products from your home. I’d love to meet you wherever you’re at in your journey and help you take your next step toward vibrant health!

About Rachel

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
Depending on the coaching program selected, a new client fills out an online wellness survey that gives me a sense of her health challenges, how she currently addressing those challenges, her current wellness practices, and the products that are typically used in her home. This gives me a baseline to begin our work together.

After completion of the survey, we will meet in-person or virtually one or more times. Some clients consult with me once on a specific issue, while others work with me over a longer period to address multiple or chronic issues.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I am a certified aromatherapist. This coursework taught me not only the science behind essential oils and why they can be used to support the full spectrum of health and wellness needs, but also trained me to formulate custom blends and working one-on-one with clients.

What types of clients have I worked with?
I work with women, their children, and sometimes even entire families who are ready to take responsibility for their own health by embracing a more natural lifestyle that incorporates plant-based solutions. The client who finds me most helpful understands that body burden is real and preventing her from living at peak wellness. She is convinced that detoxing her body and home will pay huge dividends now and for years to come. She is interested in pursuing micro-transformations of her cleaning products, medicine cabinet, skincare, personal care products, self-care, and many other aspects of her environment and life. She focuses on creating change in one small area and letting a beautiful domino effect ultimately take place.

What to expect


"Rachel's holistic health offerings bring a much-needed respite for the workaday Washingtonian who's got the career, but hasn't figured out self-care. Her experience as a working mom forms the basis of her coaching, which helps folks live healthier even while working those long hours." - Maria D.

"I absolutely love Rachel’s Simplified Natural Living Facebook community! She has so much information about getting rid of the toxins in your home, toxin-free products, and staying healthy. Rachel does a great job providing AMAZING information in a FREE group." - Lindsey M.

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