I bring my education of the body, mind and spirit together when working with individuals.

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Yoga & Massage


As a practitioner, I’ve been working with a variety of individuals for over 35 years in a variety of capacities. As a lifelong student, my education in the study of the body as it moves, how it functions while healthy or injured has given me a unique perspective when working with clients. I use my various studies in the Western world of science, massage and physical therapy and the Eastern world of yoga and meditation to help others to achieve their desired goals.

I believe that we are energetic beings and can be healed through all aspects of our being: physical and subtle. Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and craniosacral therapy all work utilizing energy and help to release the issues right at the source.

My Philosophy and Approach
As a life-long learner, it is important to me to continue learning new techniques, as well as to refine the ones I have studied, in order to incorporate the energy that is present all around us into the healing environment. I bring my education of the body, mind and spirit together when working with individuals.

I work with general wellness and take a preventative and whole body approach to healing. I pull whatever tools and techniques I need from my proverbial toolbelt to help the clients with whom I partner in their health journey. I employ a variety of methods to reduce stress for clients to heal the body and quiet the mind, and act as a facilitator to the inner wisdom and healing that is present in each one of us.

My Background
I began my professional journey in exercise science working with primarily healthy individuals as well as some who had been injured while I was teaching fitness after graduating with a degree in Kinesiology. This led me to wanting to further study this and I pursued a degree in physical therapy as a PT assistant. In addition, I had been exposed to the practice of yoga in the late 1980's and I was personally interested in more than just the physical practice of it. I dove deeper into the practice for the next 10 years and gained a greater understanding with teachers, Amrit Desai, Kamini Desai and Eric Walrabenstein. In the next several years, I took advanced training in the practices of Yoga Nidra, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation as a way to find gentler ways to help to still the mind and release trapped energy in the body. My desire to return to wellness and wholeness, I completed my education in Massage therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2020.

Craniosacral therapy continues to inspire and teach me about how to work with the body on deeper levels. I am an energy healer, having been attuned at the Reiki Master Level as well as having been attuned to Kundalini Reiki, and Sekhem Sekheim. I use energy work in an intuitive way and believe that it just comes out in every session with a client as I am always working with the intention to heal and work in the highest way for my clients good.

About Michelle

What is my typical process for working with a new client?
My process begins with a phone or virtual 15-minute consultation to see if we are the proper fit for one another. We will discuss your needs and what you are seeking from our work together and see if this is a good fit.

Our first session will be a 1.5-hour session, which will include intake and a working session. We will review an intake form ( which is filled out in advance) which is appropriate to the type of work we will be doing together. Think of it as a personal interview all about you. At the end of the session, you may receive a bit of homework, which is appropriate for the session we have just completed.

What credentials do I have for my specialty/specialties?
I have been studying yoga and meditation techniques for over 30 years. I received my 500-hour RYT training at the Amrit Yoga Institute (AYI) with Yogi Amrit Desai and Master Level Yoga Nidra Facilitator training at AYI with Kamini Desai. I became a Stress Interdiction Specialist with Bootstrap with Eric Walrabenstein.

I graduated from University of Maryland College Park, with a degree in Kinesiology. I graduated from Montgomery College as a Physical Therapy Assistant. I graduated in Massage Therapy from Anne Arundel Community College in October 2020.

In the State of Maryland I am licensed as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Licensed Massage Therapist. I continue to study Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. I continue my studies regularly in the field of medicine, Eastern and Western through regular Continuing Education in the areas I practice.

What types of patients have I worked with?
I have worked with a range of individuals of various ages and needs, from children to those in their senior years. From athletes in competition to those who cannot walk. There is no limitation to who I can work with—I love working individuals who desire to achieve their personal goals, whatever that might be. 

What to expect

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