The Power of Essence™

An Online Course

This self-paced, live-recorded course has been designed as "A Spa for Your Spirit." Led by the Founders of Essence Coaching and The Power of Essence™ Course, the course is comprised of four consecutive, separate, live-recorded audio-download sessions. Each session is a combination of powerful questions to prompt impactful self-reflection, guided meditations and visualizations facilitated journaling.

Essence is your deepest sense-of-self, the core of who you are, the expression of your own unique spirit.

When you become aware of your own unique Essence, it becomes a powerful Inner Life Compass that informs your every decision.

You were gifted at birth with an Inner Life Compass. When unlocked, this Compass is at your constant service, empowering you to clearly, confidently, effortlessly navigate your life. This InnerLife Compass allows you to design a life that is intrinsically in alignment with the truth of who you are.

Women that are deeply yearning for something more.


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  • Painfully stuck and struggling for clarity and direction
  • At a loss of remembering anymore what gives you pleasure
  • Tired of living your life from a place of someone else’s “shoulds”
  • Genuinely ready to transform your life and break through to joy and fulfillment

If you are…

Read what past participants have to say about the course here.

Then this course is for you.

Included in the Course:
• Four (4) self-paced, audio-recorded, download sessions. They are facilitated by two veteran, Certified Life Coaches; the Founders of Essence Coaching and The Power of Essence Course.
• Four (4) Companion Journal/Workbooks, each corresponding to the Four Audio-Download Sessions.
• Six (6) live-recorded, audio-download Meditations

Course Benefits & Takeaways:
Not only will you experience a profound, powerful sense-of-self that will enhance self-love, self-confidence and clarity of purpose, but you will enjoy a powerful Inner Life Compass that empowers your ability to design a life that is in total alignment with the truth of who you are. You will learn to live with a deepened sense of fulfillment, security and joy, regardless of life's circumstances.

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Course Participant Testimonials

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“I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin. The Power of Essence™ Course helped me to find comfort, peace and joy within myself. Since finding my Essence, I've felt deeply connected with my truth. And, I put effort into being the best version of myself that I can be. I’ve never felt this confident in my life and it feels fabulous! I would recommend this course to anyone who knows they were meant to be greater but are stuck!” ~ Amelia, Video Producer, Wife & Mother, Germantown, MD. 

“Before taking The Power of Essence™ Course, I did not realize that my Essence is that of a free spirit. This discovery allowed me to be both ethereal and grounded, loving and powerful, when before they seemed counter opposed to me. Discovering and owning my core Essence qualities have grounded me in my truest sense of self and have afforded me deeper life fulfillment!” ~ Kim, Speech-Language Pathologist & Kid Yoga Teacher Kensington, MD  

"I reluctantly joined The Power of Essence™ Course a few years ago, because I was afraid of what might lie beneath. However, what I unearthed has forever changed my life. I discovered my very Essence — and my core essence quality — BELIEVE. I came to feel connected to this quality, Believe, as the cornerstone of my being and it has since evolved to become the very foundation on which I stand, and it supports every aspect of my life. I Believe in God, I Believe in the basic good of humanity, I Believe in the positive benefits from the universe. Believe — Be inspired, living intentionally every day, valuing everything! Thank you both!!"
~ Robin, Director of Clinical Operations & Proud Mother, Washington, DC 

"I signed up for the The Power of Essence™ Course hoping to complement my existing therapy sessions. Instead, the course far surpassed my individual face-to-face therapy. Lindsay and Ayfer created a warm, welcoming and incredibly intimate atmosphere that I could just sink into. I spent years trying to develop tools to combat everyday stress and anxiety, but in just a few weeks, Lindsay and Ayfer helped connect me to a new sense of self — and a new sense of calm — that even years later, still soothes me regardless of life circumstances. Thank you both for an amazing experience!" ~ Sameena, Marketing Manager & Storyteller, Gaithersburg, MD

"It was wonderful to be in the space of the course every week where all the other ‘stuff’ — the trappings and concerns of the world — fell away, so I could just be with myself. The amazing — yet surprising — thing about being connected to my Essence is the way that it deeply connects me with my true self ... Unearthing the driving force behind my innate needs, wants and aspirations. It truly provides clarity in the midst of situations and experiences that would otherwise have created road blocks. I am incredibly grateful —Thank you. Thank you." ~ Tamara, Executive Coach & Author, Atlanta, GA. 

"Words aren’t enough to express how much The Power of Essence™ Course has contributed to my growth and development. Thank you seems cliché, but it’s all I have. It’s unbelievable how miracles are manifesting from me. I now expect nothing less than the best things in life for me and my family. From now on, I am standing in the belief of who I am and have released any resistance." ~ Dawn, Physician, Mother and Grandmother, Louisville, KY

Lindsay is an Executive, Career, Life and Essence Coach with over 15 years of experience coaching professionals at all levels and running coaching groups designed to inspire and empower women to lead their best lives. She is the Co-Founder of the Power of Essence™ Coaching method, The Power of Essence™ Course, and of 30SecondsToUnity, a Facebook community dedicated to spreading global goodness "one post at a time." Lindsay is also the Co-Founder of The Wellspring Women’s Collective (WSWC), a virtual 'one-stop-shop' designed to inspire women and girls to fully flourish. Her clients are her heroes, and she is forever awed by the power within to actualize transformation. Learn more about Lindsay.

Course Facilitators

Ayfer is a Self-Compassion and Clarity Coach for Career & Life, with over 15 years of experience partnering with adults and youth to positively and powerfully connect with their strengths and define their unique voice. She is the Co-Founder of the Power of Essence™ Coaching method, The Power of Essence™ Course and of 30SecondsToUnity, a Facebook community dedicated to spreading global goodness "one post at a time." The Wellspring Women’s Collective (WSWC), a virtual 'one-stop-shop' designed to inspire women and girls to fully flourish. She sees the beauty and inspired contribution her clients are in this world, as they embrace mindful self-compassion and avidly live their joys. Learn more about Ayfer.

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How is the Power of Essence™ Course different from other transformational courses?
The Power of Essence Course is based on a new form of coaching: Essence Coaching. Essence Coaching gets up underneath a person's current sense of self, their value systems, etc., to support a discovery of their very Essence — the core of who they are. And from this new Essence Awareness they are empowered to design a life that is in absolute alignment with the truth of who they are.

What kind of tangible results can I expect after completing the four recorded sessions?
One: Essence Awareness — A new sense of personal awareness that will support a vastly deepened sense of self, enhanced self-esteem and greater life clarity.
Two: An Inner Life Compass — Essence Awareness can serve as a powerful Inner Life Compass to support you in designing a life that is holistically in alignment with the truth of who you are.

How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to the course?
This is a self-paced course. The time you put into it is entirely up to you. The more time you invest going through in the course, the more you will obviously benefit. We strongly encourage participants to:

One: Delve fully into the curriculum
Two: Commit to doing the homework assignments/practices
Three: Integrate the course learnings into daily life.

How do I access this downloadable course?
Immediately upon purchasing the course, you will be asked to create a username and password to give you unlimited, secure access to all of the course materials. We use award-winning, globally recognized Podia as a secure learning platform to house our courses.

Can you tell me about your refund policy?
The Power of Essence™ course fee is non-refundable.



Thrive in a Career Expressive of Who You Are.

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Flourish in a Life Expressive of Inner-Beautiful You.

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Luxuriate in a Home Expressive of Who You Are.

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Claim Your Birthright to Live a Deeply Rich, Rewarding Life.

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Bask in an Inner-Life Expressive of Who You Are.

Our wishes for you...

Flourish! At Work. At Home. Within.

Our wishes for you...

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